Current Status is back at 7pm est on Thursday evenings!  This podcast was started several years back, and took a rest until now!  The format is very casual in tone and has always included a variety of  topics and guests from the tech industry.  The primary goal has always been sharing information with the world about technology in a way that is fun and interesting. Now that we are back we are learning that there are many things that have changed about podcasting, but primarily our platform.  We had been using Google Hangouts with Live Stream to YouTube and well that doesn’t exist any longer. So as we have worked to ramp back up we have had to figure out what our choice of platform would be.

Testing, Testing!

Since today it seems that Zoom is one of the primary meeting platforms of choice we started there.  We found it was easy to integrate with YouTube LiveStream, and in general it does just work.  Our main challenges came from the inability to customize the platform  with extra visual effects that you may want when podcasting, and some learning curve with closing the Live Stream tab to prevent echoing once it was started.  In one case we did also experience a freeze in the video when live streaming as well.   Here are some samples of our experience when using Zoom below.

#CurrentStatus Episode 51: Work from Home Tips (Recorded with Zoom and LiveStreamed)

Join hosts Theresa Miller and Phoummala Schmitt with co-host Holly Lehman and Guest Patrick Hubbard to discuss WFH tips.

What’s Next?

We continue testing platforms at this point to make sure we have the right one, so some of the upcoming videos shared will be on some of the others we tried.

Follow any of these channels to learn when there is something new!  On twitter @currentstatus4u to get information on the LiveStream events.  If you prefer to catch them later, then choose your platform and get your bookmarks set for any of these YouTube, SoundCloud, and Apple Podcasts.

More coming soon now that The Current Status is back!