#CurrentStatus Episode 52 is about Home Network Improvements specifically how we can better improve our home networks, things to consider from both a home and work perspective.  Phoummala Schmitt, Theresa Miller, Ross Smith and Al Rasheed discuss home network upgrades and mesh networks for the home.  All the pro’s and con’s and what to consider before buying.  Home network improvements can make a difference.

The need for Home Network Improvements

Everyone is now home due to the pandemic.  The family is home with parents working and on  voice and video meetings all day.  Most kids are home taking online classes and taking breaks by watching streaming tv or playing video game.  Everyone is using the internet, and not all providers are created equal.  Other factors in your home could be the internet provider you chose, throttling based upon usage, and provider caps on internet.  What can we do to improve the home experience?

Lets Discuss Mesh Networks

Mesh networks allow the internet connected devices in your home to connect to and optimal mesh network device and route for internet connectivity.  Making sure you connect to the closest device.  This allows the coverage to better become amplified move evenly and further providing better and more distanced coverage throughout the house.  A mesh network will not help with the issue where a provider throttles you though, but it will strengthen and amplify the internet signal throughout your home.

Thanks to our guests, today we will look at Eero and Amplify.  Here are some of the consideration points.


Eero has QOS (Quality of Service) and smart queue management allowing the network to share the network bandwidth.  So, if a device is backing up data, and someone else is on a video call it won’t take a device down.  With Eero this will happen automatically and intelligently.  According to Ross this solution just works.

Management tools are also very simple, and available for review anytime right from an application on your phone.  This mesh network will also device learning and optimization based upon what you are doing in your home.  Ross is very happy with his!


Amplify has automated Qos, and the device chooses the strongest signal in the house.  The solution also extends the network to ensure that there are not any poor internet signal points in the house.  Managements tools are also on his phone and requires very little configuration to get things setup.  Al is very happy with this solution.  The Amplify system allows him to be able to use internet flawlessly in his home.

#CurrentStatus Episode and Recording

Watch and listen to the recording of this episode a Current Status to get the full scoop on these two mesh network options for more details on these solutions.  We couldn’t share everything here, so be sure to check this out!

How to choose?

After the show I did some additional research on my own and from a simplicity and feature perspective I decided to try Eero.  After some searching I found a great deal on Amazon for the Eero, and with the 30 day money back guarantee I gave it a try.  Setup took about 10 minutes and has made a big difference to making sure the who house can use the internet at the same time.  With everyone being home it also allowed me to extend my network to my back patio which provides some additional work options.  It’s simple and easy.  I also noticed that the system is able to block malicious attacks from the varying devices ultimately providing security we didn’t have before.  The other nice benefit I wasn’t expecting is that I now have a guest network.  I don’t have to give out my actual password with all my family devices to visitors that come to my house.  They can connect to the guest network instead – for security purposes.

Concluding thoughts

It seems you won’t go wrong with either solution, and the benefits of QOS, security, guest networks and the profiles that allow for better family security as a whole.  Mesh networks as I have learned are very helpful to the internet in your home and the more people/devices attached the more benefit you will see.  Take a look at Eero and Amplify for the best home network improvements today!

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