SaveAHeart Stay Positive Overcome Challenges

Life’s experiences give us the courage to overcome challenges, stay positive and create success


It can be hard to stay positive during tough times

Life throws us curve balls in small and large ways.  The more difficult ones are often
blindsiding, and can feel impossible to overcome – but it’s important to stay positive and finding a way forward is
necessary.  It’s how we stand up to
overcome the challenge that is most important to our future happiness and
success.  Find ways to stay positive and
strong to face the challenge, overcome challenges, and create success.

My personal story, my journal, shared with you

Learning Life’s Lessons, Stay Positive and Overcome Challenges

About the Author

Hi my name is Theresa Miller.  I am a technology enthusiast by trade, but fell upon some very unforseen challenges when my second child was born. As a working mom and wife we went through the unimaginable, and later it became important for me to share this story.  It was life changing for us and we learned so many things. Faith, hope, love and family are so important, but remember when times get rough it’s how you raise to the challenge to pick yourself back up to find happiness again!

My Personal Journal

Faith, Hope, Love, Family and Courage

Save a heart is my personal story, my actual journal; that
was written for my family that is now compiled into a book for you.  As a working mother and wife this was hands down
the toughest time in my life, but I learned so much from it about how to stay positive, overcome challenges, strength,
courage and faith.

Our second born was very ill, and this brought much uncertainty about everything day in and day out for quite some time.You will get a full recount of my families journey through this book.  Day to day life before we knew there was problem, and working through our challenges when we had little control.Our faith was tested, we learned what it
meant to be helpless, how to lean on faith, the true meaning of family, and more.

What you will Learn from Save A Heart

-Life can be challenging-Experiences like this teach us to face fear to create success-You may need to accept change-Finding ways to stay positive matters-Emotional health matters for you and those around you-It’s not going to be easy, but finding the courage is necessary-Try and you will overcome obstacles-It’s how you rise to the occasion that will see you through and overcome challenges-Learn to give back to others-Always be kind-More.. you may connect in other ways depending on your experiences and challenges

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Save a Heart is Amazing and Empowering!

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This book impresses the importance of being patient with others in everyday life.  You never know if a workmate, neighbor, or someone else has health or emotional challenges that are consuming them internally.





This book showed me that we aren’t alone in our trials and helped me remember that anyone could be struggling.  I highly recommend this book if you are curious on how a family can navigate and process the trials in front of them.




Save a Heart

Overcoming life’s challenges during tough times can feel impossible. But to stay positive and overcome them is important to our own future happiness and success.

Don’t let the tough time win!

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