Ruben Spruijt, Technologist, Nutanix

Theresas community impact is significant, leading with new ideas, supporting various community programs and actively share her insights with the peers in the industry.  Theresa is down to earth passionate, knowledgeable and has remarkable insights in the modern virtual workspace and has great soft skills.  It is truly a pleasure to know and work with her.


Peter Bruzzese, Clip Training, Co-Founder

Theresa was the technical editor for a book I authored called “Conversational Exchange”.  Throughout the project she proved herself to be incredibly organized and meeting all deadlines.  Among the many admirable qualities, Ive noted in Theresa through the years weve worked together the one that stands out notably is her passion for technology.


Brad Rowland, Senior Marketing Leader

Theresa’s reputation in the community is well deserved, and her expertise in Citrix and Exchange provided insight during our product releases.  The programs on 24×7 IT Connection are helping us connect with a segment of IT innovators who want to get more out of their virtual workspace investment and take it to the next level.  Our experience has been great.