by Theresa Miller


Truth be told, that many organizations are still using Exchange 2010, and are working through the planning required to get to your next upgrade.  So what happens if your current Exchange environment has issues that require on of the Exchange servers to be rebuilt before you get to that upgrade?  While we may not want to image that this could happen, believe me it can!  In my experience, root cause of issues that lead to Exchange server recoveries typically doesn’t have anything to do the install of Exchange.   Events that I have witnessed first-hand were issues with organizational imaging software going amuck and reimaging production servers, and unforeseen hardware events.  While I am sure there are other situations these are the ones I have seen first-hand and it isn’t fun.  That being said, I previously had written an article that covers Exchange server recovery from start to finish.  This article can be found here

So then why this post you ask?

Well something I ran into recently is that the “Setup /m:RecoverServer” command can fail when doing the Language packs checks.  The image below shows the error.



  • Go into the Registry under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ExchangeServer\v14\MailboxRole]
  • Complete a File, Export to get a backup of the registry key and save the key locally
  • Delete the “Action” Registry Key
  • Delete the “Watermark” Registry Key


The next time you run “Setup /m:RecoverServer” this installation will complete the Language Pack installs and you will be back on track with your server recovery.


With that I truly hope you never need to do a full Exchange server recovery, but if you do this article provides the necessary steps to get the job done from start to finish.