Recently I wrote a couple of articles that will help you get started with using MCS to deploy virtual desktops within your XenDesktop environment. These write-ups can be found here: MCS Deployment Part 1 and MCS Deployment Part 2.  Once an image is built; in time, it is likely that your users will require an update to an image or you may want to deploy application/operating system updates to the image.  This documentation will go over how to make changes to your MCS image using VMware.

Let’s get started!

  • Open the image in VMWare and make any changes that are needed
  • Shutdown the image
  • Take a Snapshot of the Image in VMWare. Right click on the Virtual Machine, choose Snapshot and click Take Snapshot


  • Verify the snapshot is there by right-clicking on the Virtual Machine, Choose Snapshot Manager



  • Go to your Desktop Delivery Controller and open Citrix Studio
  • Right-click on Machine Catalogs and then click Update Machines


  • Verify data and click Next


  • Select the Image and click Next


  • Make the appropriate choices for you environment.  This option allows you choose when your users will receive the updated virtual machine.


  • Verify and click Next


  • It will take some time for the update to complete,  typically about 30-60 minutes.

Validate the update progress in the Machine Catalogs in Citrix Studio.  See below



There you have it, your MCS image has been updated!