A custom load evaluator in Citrix will allow you to load balance the number of users connected to a Citrix server based upon system resource availability.  It is recommended that servers and/or applications use a custom load evaluator to distribute user load between servers.  This configuration allows connectivity based upon system resources such as CPU, memory and pagefile.


Did you ever notice that when working with a custom load evaluator in Citrix XenApp that the load might report incorrectly?  Load can be seen by a Citrix Administrator by logging on to any Citrix server, opening a command prompt, typing qfarm /load and pressing enter.  You may see that the load is stuck on 10000 which would prevent any new user connections to the server.  Here is how to fix this issue.

  • Sign on to the Citrix server reporting high load, but low user connections
  • Open a command prompt
  • Type Lodctr /R and press enter as shown belowloadeval1
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • At a command prompt type Net stop imaservice & dsmaint recreatelhc & net start imaservice and press enter
  • When prompted to restart additional services type Y and press enter to continueloadeval2
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • Type qfarm /load to verify that the Load Evaluator is properly reporting less than 10000.  When the load is less than 10000 the server will be able to accept new Citrix connections.