Since the word cloud first appeared in terminological lingo, VMware has often been used in the same sentence. In recent years, the concept of cloud has evolvoed, and so has the VMware’s strategy and products as a whole. Recently, VMware announced even more products, features, and enhancements to continue the VMware cloud evolution.

VMware Cloud Extension Service – The Hybrid World

Because VMware has evolved along with the cloud, it is easier than ever for VMware customers to adopt the hybrid cloud. VMware provides a number of options for this evolution, such as IBM Cloud and AWS, both trusted names in the cloud space. This offering makes it easy for datacenter to span into the cloud to accommodate an increase in resources requirements, disaster recovery, or just plain testing of an application.

Enhanced Hybrid Cloud Capabilities

VMware also enhanced their Cost Insight Service to further increase adoption to the hybrid cloud. These enhancements allow customers to more accurately understand the cost for migrating their workload to VMware Cloud on AWS, including considering network and storage and storage capacities. Along with this, VMware has introduced Log Intelligence Service, which will enable rapid troubleshooting for both VMware Cloud on AWS datacenter and VMware private cloud datacenters.

VMware Cloud on AWS Expands

VMware also announced availability of VMware Cloud on AWS in the AWS EU London region. This is the fist step in expansion of VMware Cloud on AWS, and will further drive adoption with availability of a region geographically dispersed from North America.  It is important to remember that while cloud providers are still susceptible to many of the things that can cause problems in our datacenter, and architecture and design still matter there. Many organizations with locations across the world have been excitedly waiting for VMware Cloud on AWS to be available in multiple regions for this reason. Now, even more organizations will begin to take a good look at the benefits VMware cloud partnerships can provide.

Cloudy With A Chance of VMware

VMware’s rapid expansion into the public cloud has shaken the industry as a whole. In his blog, Raghu Raghuram, COO of VMware Products and Cloud Services reminds everyone that this is VMware’s fourth major cloud release in only six months. In fact this release enables one of the most dramatic features of VMware Cloud on AWS to date, stretched clusters, which allows VMware infrastructure to be deployed in multiple AWS availability zones (AZs). This particular feature is drivien by the expansion into the EU we just talked about, for more information on what this expansion truly means for VMware Cloud on AWS customers, be sure to check out this blog by Say Gopalan.

If there has been any doubt of VMware’s commitment to both the cloud and their customers, these further announcements should put worries to rest. By announcing strategic partnerships with cloud providers, VMware is ensuring their customers get the best of the cloud world, the seamless VMware experience they are used to with an enterprise provider they can rely on.