The way businesses operate has changed in a prolific way in the past year to allow all employees to work from anywhere.  The infrastructure project mindset of the past was to deploy and implement very slowly with as few infrastructure solutions as possible, but that all had to change quickly at the start of the COVID19 pandemic. For example, where we were once committed to a single vendor (ex. Citrix) for virtual applications and desktops, we had to pivot to other options to scale supporting our now remote enterprises many in the cloud. The visibility we need into systems now has expanded and is more important than ever.  Today we are going to discuss the much-needed monumental shift into unified monitoring that was forced upon our enterprises. We will look at why administrators need a single solution that allow insights into infrastructure deployments for remote teams, and we will do some discovery around what it means to deploy a unified monitoring solution for your hybrid digital workspace.  Let’s get started.

Work from Anywhere Pivot

At the start of the COVID19 pandemic businesses overnight had to put together a plan to allow their teams to work from anywhere.  Access to office buildings was shutdown, data centers could not be entered and projects that would ordinarily require 6 + months of design and implementation suddenly had to be done in a few days.  Depending on your job and the enterprise you work for there is a good chance you are still working remote today.  To pivot quickly, administrators found ways to scale their existing on-prem implementations where capacity allowed, but for most, this left enterprises scrambling to choose different solutions primarily in the cloud to ensure that enterprise-grade virtual desktops and applications could be delivered in a secure fashion for employees likely using their personal computers to execute on their jobs.

Modern infrastructure has adjusted to incorporate virtualization solutions not from one single vendor such as Citrix like in the past.  The digital workspace is inclusive to any option that meets the need and can be deployed quickly.  For example, your data center now likely includes others such as VMware Cloud, Microsoft WVD, Frame and more.  Now let’s consider the fact that with all of these distributed infrastructure solutions we need to reconsider how we monitor system failures and performance issues.  How do we handle this?  Let’s look the mindset shift required to be successful.

Unified Monitoring Mindset Shift

Within your hybrid digital workspace with new solutions, the monitoring requirements change.  With more deployed solutions to support our enterprises than before; the need to monitor and troubleshoot the user experience is more important than ever. The work from anywhere mindset needs to shift to unified monitoring with a single pane of glass.  Administrators still have to a checklist of items to monitor within their digital workspaces.  For example, and to name some:

  • Protocol monitoring
  • Understanding login times
  • Application launch times
  • Understand latency anywhere in the stack across all platforms, desktops and applications
  • Tracking of performance trends
  • Connections failures

With distributed teams, efficient and unified monitoring has become the only way to be successful in our work from anywhere world. Since the monitoring needs of different digital workspace technologies are similar in a sense, having a unified monitoring console allows for consistency in terms of dashboards, alerts, and reports that you can provide to management.

The New Digital Workspace

The new digital workspace is hybrid and includes cloud, on-premises deployments, and a commitment to the right solution to get the job done regardless of where your team is working from.  Work from anywhere is likely a way for the future even after the pandemic.  Employees are going to desire choice in where they work.  This means that our infrastructure and how we monitor it will require a single pane of glass to efficiently and effectively ensure that our teams have exactly what they need to keep your enterprise running efficiently for the foreseeable future.


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