I don’t know about you, but anytime a get a new piece of equipment to improve my home office I am always excited when I hit the “order now” button. You get your new item, unbox it and start to get it all set up and the fun begins when you realize you set it all up right and it works better than expected. This is usually my experience, however, enter… my Air Pods. I mean, how hard can setting up a pair of AirPods be you asked? Well, when I went to set mine up it was far more difficult than I expected, and I quickly learned that my AirPods won’t connect to my Microsoft Surface Pro

Troubleshooting your Airpods

When my AirPods didn’t work instantly, I went into troubleshooting mode.  I researched and tried many of the tips available online and they simply didn’t work. After what felt like hours of trial and error I sent a desperate text for help to none other than AGENT P (aka, @Exchange Goddess on Twitter).

Thanks to the fact she dealt with this very same issue, we were able to finally fix my issue!

#curentstatus Off the Record

We recorded how to do this step by step in a recent episode of #currentstatus Off the Record which can be viewed below and will show you how to fix this issue with us!

Step by Step to fix if AirPods won’t connect

Don’t want to watch a video and wanna know how to connect your Airpods to your Microsoft Surface Pro?  Here are the step by step instructions that worked for me.

  • In the search bar, type: RegEdit
  • Next, look for the HPLocal Machine:

AirPods won’t connect

  • Using the key on the left of the HKey_Local_Machine, open that folder and look for System:

AirPods won’t connect

  • Under the SYSTEM folder, look for the “Control” folder:

AirPods won’t connect

  • Using the keys on the right, look for “Class”:

AirPods won’t connect

  • These folders are leading us to the GUID to modify our Registry Editor, you are looking for the following GUID:

AirPods won’t connect

  • Next, go into the right side of the screen, clicking the right button on your mouse & this will allow you to add a new string value:

AirPods won’t connect

  • Your string value will be named: PnPCapablilities and your value data will be 24
  • Finally, time to reboot!
  • After reboot when you go into “BlueTooth & other devices” you will now find the AirPods under Audio devices! Voila!

AirPods won’t connect

Wrapping things up! 

Friends, here is the thing if your AirPods won’t connect, keep in mind this worked for me, but realize there are a variety of different challenges that may cause your AirPods to not connect to your Microsoft Surface Pro.  Issues and troubleshooting can vary, but this is one resolution that was hard to find, and worth sharing with you!

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