Microsoft’s annual Build conference is always full of exciting news for software developers. If node.js, typography and webhooks put you sleep, it’s easy to skip this event. But Microsoft also uses this opportunity for other major announcements too. And with the worlds of dev and ops getting closer and closer, some of the software development improvements have an IT Pro impact too.
Here’s our list of Microsoft Build 2017 sessions that include content relevant to IT Pros. Grab a coffee – there are a few hours of viewing in here!

The keynotes at Microsoft Build 2017

Yes they are long, but the keynotes highlight the passion of the Microsoft leadership team and what’s possible with Microsoft technologies.

Day 1:

Day 2:


Windows 10 on ARM: This 12min overview explains how Windows 10 will run on more devices than ever, including supporting standard x86 applications on those devices.

Innovate faster with Windows as a Service (Waas): Though this 23min session has some app dev tools and best practices, it also has a great overview of the new building, deploying, and servicing model, as well as the new features being released to Windows.

Windows 10 Identity Overview: While this session talks about how to build websites that take advantage of Windows 10 authentication methods, there’s some great content on Windows Hello, AAD Join and Dynamic Lock.

Windows Subsystem for Linux – Update: What’s new in the world of the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Microsoft Azure

System performance is a feature – Understanding system health through telemetry: Learn how Microsoft Pulse and the Azure Customer Advisory Team introduced structured logging & telemetry to gain insights into system performance and health.

Azure VNet for Containers: Networking nerds, this one’s for you. Learn about Microsoft’s latest open source CNI plugin for Storage Defined Networking to containers running in Azure.

Azure Networking for Developers: It’s interesting for IT Pros too, covering everything from the load balancer stack to hybrid connectivity to your on-premises networks.

Introducing Azure Network Watcher: Network monitoring and diagnostic tool for Microsoft Azure networks.

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform: A 12min overview here on provisioning Azure resources using HashiCorp’s Terraform tools.

Azure Resource Manager templates: Life after (first) deployment: New capabilities for template authoring and best practices for template-driven upgrades.

Azure CLI 2.0: Do you speak Linux or BASH? This one is for you!

How containers transform operations and development: The co-founder of Kubernetes talks about Infrastructure as a Service, container orchestration and Platform as a Service.

Azure Cloud Shell: Seth chats to Brenda Burns about the latest Azure announcements.

What’s new in the Azure portal: Learn about the newly added services and roadmap for user experiences in Microsoft Azure.

Hidden gems in Azure portal: Deep dive into tools for easily managing Azure resources.

Other cool stuff

Create a more collaborative workplace with Microsoft Stream: Learn about the new Enterprise video solution.

Sketchable and Surface Dial Integration: Nice short demo of the Surface Dial in action.

Microsoft AI: Channel 9‘s Seth Juarez chats with Steve Guggenheimer about the latest Ai updates.

Project Emma – Empowering people with Parkinson’s: Channel 9 chat with a developer using technology to improve the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease.

Announcement Blogs

Finally, there are a ton of announcements at Microsoft Build 2017 related to the Windows 10 Fall Creators update and other products. Here are the official Microsoft blogs:

OneDrive On Demand: Access files from the Cloud via File Explorer, without them taking up space on your device.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Introducing Story Remix, Timeline, a Cloud-backed Clipboard and iTunes in the Windows Store:

What’s new for IT Pros in the Windows 10 Creators Update: Relevant to Windows 10 version 1703, this is a great blog with links to further information on MDM, Hyper-V improvements and more.

In case you missed the 2020 Build event which was virtual, you can find this coverage here.