Well over 20 years ago I recall watching a video of my uncle skydiving for one of his milestone birthdays.  When I saw that video I knew someday I would go skydiving.  Until about a year ago I probably had every excuse not to including important things like family and responsibility.  Family and responsibility still matter, but I realized that the risk of doing a tandem skydive wasn’t really any much worse than driving my car to work every day, even though I was intentionally going to let myself fall out of an airplane.  So a little over a year ago I started researching places to finally go make my jump! I went Skydiving in Las Vegas!

Skydiving in Las Vegas! Where to Tandem Skydive?

One place I looked at described an experience that sounded amazing.  The place is in Florida, and their experience is one in which you skydive over the Ocean and land on the beach.  Sounds blissful right?  Well anytime I have been in Florida since I researched this it’s always been about 3 hours away from where I was staying, so I didn’t make time.

Earlier this year I looked at tandem diving in Vegas, but while at the event I was at I had so much going on I couldn’t make the time.

Back in Vegas again recently, I looked again and found a place that’s been in business since the 80’s without any fatalities, but even better my view from 15,000 feet would be Hoover Dam, Vegas, and the mountainous desert that surrounds this part of our country.  So that was it, I was going to go do this whether anyone else joined me on not.

The Day Of

So the morning of the Skydive, I wandered on my own to the MGM where our group pickup site was located for Skydiving in Las Vegas.  While I signed up on my own there were actually 23 other people from all around the world that were waiting for the same bus ride I was to go Skydive.  At this point I was purely excited, and looking forward to this experience.

We watched a video that was a bit scary talking about how accidents do happen and things are not perfect.  We also had to sign away all liability should something happen.  Again this place hasn’t had any real issues ever, but the videos do make you think twice about what you are about to do.

Despite, this everyone that showed up that day still did the Tandem Skydive anyways.

Waiting to Jump

So, of the group that day I was in the last group.  Everyone that had done it loved it, and many said they wished they could go right back up and do it again.  On our flight up, was the first time I felt a little bit nervous.  My instructor kept things calm and fun, so this really passed quickly.

Admiring the amazing view, I was ready!

Vegas Extreme Skydiving

Legs Outside the Plane

For me, by far the part that I look back and find the most unnerving was not the falling from the airplane itself.  It was the moment before the jump when the side door opened and I was told to hang my legs out of the plane and wrap them back a little bit.  Um, I was 15,000 feet in the air with my legs wrapped under an airplane.

Strange, scary, and exciting!


The Skydive

The freefall was amazing, and I truly took time to take in the view.  It did go extremely fast though.  Before I knew it the parachute was out and we were hanging over the desert.  As we were descending my instructor asked if I liked rollercoasters.  Well I love rollercoasters, so I said Yes!


He then proceeded to add some really awesome twists and turns to the descent.  Again Amazing!

On the Ground Again

After the landing, and we all were drove back to the hotel the group was so quiet as they all took in the experience they just had.

After I did this, one of the common questions I get is how would you describe the Sky Diving experience?

My answer..