Tip # 3 Limit the number of Printer Drivers on your Citrix Application Servers:

This one is easier said than done, but is worth the effort in relation to benefit to the end-user experience.  I have found that if you are planning for a new Citrix XenApp farm this is the time to plan for limitation of printer drivers.  However, if you find that you are not in that position then it is worthwhile to work towards removal of unnecessary printer drivers from your Citrix application servers.  The largest benefit being orevention of print spooler service crashes.  When the print spooler services crash Citrix users will either be unable to temporarily print or even lose their ability to print completely when attached to the Citrix server with the printer spooler problems.


Also, an important note is that your goal should be to use only printer drivers that can be installed natively from windows.  However, I have found that if you use an HP Universal Print driver in a limited basis that your Citrix application printing will continue to function smoothly.

As you can see below in the picture that this Citrix application server has been limited in regards to the number of printer drivers and does include some versions of the HP Universal Printer driver.  Again only used on a limited basis.


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