If you are familiar with Citrix printing then you understand how painful it can be if it is not setup properly.  I have put together a series of tips that I found found to work to create a rock solid citrix printing setup for you organization with native Citrix policies and recommendations.  If you are interested in learning how to set up native printing then this Tip of the Week series will provide you with the guidance you need to setup a native Citrix printing in your environment.  This document lalso assumes that your organization is primarily using HP printers within your organization, but this series is not limited to environments that other models of printers.  With that being said, let’s get right to it.


Tip # 1 Use the Citrix Universal Printer whenever possible:  The Citrix Universal printer driver with the latest Citrix Receiver will handle 95% of your printing in an HP printing environment.  By using the Citrix Universal Printer Driver the need for 3rd party printer drivers is reduced significantly.  Use of 3rd party printer drivers can cause printer spooler crashes affecting your printing.

XenApp 6 policy that you would need to set to use the Citrix Universal printer driver. tip1picture1

XenApp 6.5 policy that you would need to set related to using the Citrix Universal printer.


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