Nutanix recently hosted its Nutanix .NEXT 2021 online virtual event and many fantastic sessions covered what fell under the umbrella title of the event, “Cloud on Your Terms.”  Highlight topics around this event included multicloud, hybrid cloud, end-user computing, and more.  Today we will take a closer look at some of my session favorites but be sure to take some time to check out the session catalog as there are many, many more to see!


Session BS23: Automate your multicloud IT operations in minutes is a session that strategically covers the modern need for efficient IT operations. Due to converged layers, IT generalist staffing NEEDS simple ways to ensure that all work processes are accomplished.  IT staff must be able to operate, monitor, analyze efficiently.  Then this session dives more deeply into how automation and ML have become musts for managing these dynamically changing IT environments and running workloads with confidence.  Including diving into best practice tips on how to use AIOs and purpose-built machine intelligence.

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Hybrid Cloud!

Session BS26: Deep-Dive: Building a Hybrid Cloud with Nutanix and Microsoft Azure is a session that covers hybrid cloud adoption trends that include:

  • Work from anywhere (business continuity, employee engagement)
  • Data-Driven personalization (new revenue models, customer delight, streamlined operations)
  • Cloud is a must-have (business resilience, flexibility, and agility)
  • Integration with Azure Arc to manage containers

Including the simplicity of Nutanix Clusters on Azure and covers some of the many hybrid cloud benefits and use cases. This session teaches how to unify your on-premises environment with Nutanix and Azure seamlessly.

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End User Computing!

Session BS37: End User Computing Deep Dive: Architect a Robust Solution with Nutanix and Citrix uncovers how to leverage Nutanix for disaster recovery (DR) for your EUC (End User Computing) environment. It also breaks down solutions for EUC problems, and the presenters do a technical deep dive around these topics including making sure your EUC product performs the way it should. Including some advice on boosting performance, designing for better DR/BC, and putting the complete Nutanix solution stack to work for you.

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Public Cloud Journey!

Session BS25:  Accelerating your public cloud journey with Nutanix clusters discusses how businesses need to be strategic to operate in the new digital economy.  Continuing to innovate while cutting costs and demonstrating that IT is a strategic partner driving change to the workforce. Beyond strategy, this session shows how you can use Nutanix Clusters to accelerate your journey to the public cloud for disaster recovery, capacity bursting, workload migration, or more.  A must-watch!

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Concluding Thoughts

In addition to the sessions shared here, the Nutanix .NEXT 2021 conference has a lot of content to choose from. Be sure to check the content catalog and select sessions that will educate you around your business strategy.


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