Let’s face it, fast Internet can be very important for many things such as working, streaming, and playing games.  Are you sick and tired of slow Internet speeds?  Does the ISP in your area have a monopoly of poor service?  If that is the case, SpaceX Starlink Internet might be a good choice for you!  Read everything you need to know about Starlink Internet service.

What is SpaceX Starlink?

Starlink is SpaceX’s satellite Internet offering which boasts speeds of 50 Mb/s to 150 Mb/s during the beta period, which is pretty snappy if you’ve ever dealt with anything that isn’t fiber.  While many of us take fiber connections for grated, the truth is there are still many locations where fiber is not not available.
Starlink operates based on SpaceX’s own satellite network, which gives SpaceX a great deal of control over how things are going to work.  While we can’t change the laws of physics when it comes to satellite connections, SpaceX can use their proprietary software and hardware systems in a way that no one has before.
Beyond simply operating the satellites, SpaceX also launches and operates them.  This is what makes Starlink so unique in the world of satellite Internet.  They have full control over the complete system, and can improve things with both hardware and software updates.
SpaceX expects to increase the speed of the service and improve latency over time.  The latency during the beta program ranges from 20-40 milliseconds.

Can I get Starlink?

To get Starlink, you have to be in a service area.  You can head right on over to starlink.com to enter your address to find out if you are.  You will be able to find out if Starlink is avalable in your area and order it.  If it is not yet available in your area, SpaceX will give you an estimate of when, and may even allow you to pre-order it.
One other important thing to note is that you need a clear view of the sky for Starlink to work.  If you have a lot of trees in your yard, or are in an area with lots of buildings, Starlink may not be the Internet solution for you.
In the Starlink FAQ, SpaceX advises installing the satellite dish as high as you possibly can to avoid service disruption.  Remember, Starlink is in beta at this time, and still being tested.  As the technology advances there may be more room for improvement of positioning and transmission.  Luckily you can grab the Starlink app from the app store and test things out before you even order your Starlink kit.
One important thing to note is that if you will need to mount your Starlink satellite dish to your roof, you will need a different mounting kit than it comes with, which you can order from your Starlink account.

How much is SpaceX Starlink?

Starlink Internet service costs $99.00 a month, plus the purchase of the hardware you need which is $499.99.  You’ll also have to pay for shipping which and tax to have the hardware shipped to you.
While the service is not inexpensive, it provides a service that is in demand – good speeds in areas that may be traditionally overlooked by ISPs.  Other satellite Internet providers come in at about the same price, often with lower speeds.
If you have been on the fence of cutting the cable to your TV service provider, Starlink may provide you the Internet speeds you need to finally cut that tie, and allow you to recoup some of those costs to put towards your Starlink bill.
If your Internet isn’t up to par, and you’re looking for a different solution, consider taking a look at SpaceX’s Starlink Internet.  While satellite Internet does have some requirements like line of sight to the sky, it can be a great alternative to other Internet providers as well as a good backup connection.