Enterprises today rely on ITIL processes to ensure that they are following best practices for customer support.  Customer service skills, no matter which role you have in your job role matters.  It’s important to understand how to manage any situation even the most irrational of customers.  Customer service skills training will go a long way for your career today and well into the future.

Customer Service Skills Training

My favorite platform for learning about anything and everything technology including soft skills is Pluralsight.   In fact I have over the years I have even created several courses for them personally.  At this point it has been several years since I have created one, but one of my favorites is the ITIL based course that went into customer service skills and complaints in depth.  Customers can be tough and you cannot lose your cool, or it could become a resume generating event.  Some of the things I cover in this course that I cover as as follows:

A successful Support Center is prepared for any customer situation. In this course, Dealing with Irrational Customers and Escalating Complaints, you will learn to educate your staff about dealing with irrational customers. First, you will delve into the steps your organization must understand to ensure that even the worst situation is resolved with a great customer service experience. Next, you will learn about maintaining professionalism. Last, you will dive into complaint escalation techniques. When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with any stressful customer service situations your organization might face.

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Where can you get started with learning more?  First, get your free trial started through here or by clicking the link below.  From there search for Theresa Miller in the course library to get started with your customer service skills training today.  Who doesn’t love free training, I know I do.  Get started today!

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