Struggling with work-life balance is something that I have personally been challenged with throughout my career. I was burned out and beyond at one point and didn’t even know it. I found that recovering from burnout took work and maintain balance is even harder. I found though that there is a way to find and achieve balance. These are the 3 resources essential to work-life balance. Each holds its own contribution and can be helpful. Also, each book image below is directly linked to Amazon so you can take a closer look for yourself to see if it will be help for you.

The Miracle Morning

This book was instrumental for me in finding a new way to maintain balance. The author first shares his failures and struggles in life and career. Then shares what he learned about how you start your day really matters to long-term success overall. From health, the family, career and life as a whole this book is the journey of healing. The recipe for achieving work-life balance and success for anyone.

Yoga Video

From the book above I quickly learned that how I start my day matters. As part of my recovery and working toward achieving work life balance Yoga every morning was essential. This Yoga video is great for waking up and doesn’t require much time at only 20 minutes. Also, they give you 5 different 20-minute videos, so you can do a new one every day. This yoga video revolves around stretching, balance and waking up.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k

For this book, I will warn you there are a lot of F-bombs. If that will bother you then this book is not for you. What I personally like about it is that it forces you to think differently about what you actually care about. Prioritizing your energy for what matters and disregarding everything else. It also helps you understand that not everyone will have the same cares as you and that you must be mindful of that. This book was important to my work-life balance journey as it helped me prioritize and truly reconsider what matters.

Concluding Thoughts on Work-life Balance

We are all on our own career and life journey. It’s up to our own selves to find the work-life balance for the long run. Success is in how you feel. It shows in the work you do; with your family and the quality of life you live. These 3 Resources Essential to Work-life Balance helped me, and I am sharing, because I suspect they will also help you.  Be well!

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