Career development is one of those things that doesn’t happen overnight.  Being willing to learn new things is an important element.  Over the past few years I have spent some time reading while traveling.  With traveling at standstill it now became important to share what I learned with you.  So I compiled a list of my top 4 book picks to transform your career mindset and have shared them below.  Also, each book image below is directly linked to Amazon so you can take a closer look for yourself to see if it will be help for you. Many focus on career for women, but most can really apply to everyone.

Leaders Eat Last

Leadership is one of those topics that fascinates me.  I have had good leaders in my career, bad leaders in my career, and leaders that were really managers.  My good leaders have acted as mentors whether they knew it or not, I had learned from them and they have helped me grow in my career.  Supported my path, sometimes acted as a sounding board, and even helped shape my career.  The bad leaders I had were just that.  Not someone I would lean into for advice, and I usually didn’t agree with what they were doing or thinking.  These environments often became toxic and I had to move on into a place where I could flourish.  Leaders Eat Last is the mindset of the good leaders I know and helped me started developing my leadership skills.  Helped me learn move of who I wanted to be in my career and to internalize the approaches that resonate most for me.  Enjoy!

How to Get It – Career for Women

This book is interesting and is focused towards women would are interested in advancing into leadership in their career.  I still haven’t really figured this one out, but it highlighted for me the value of executive presence in any career.  The words you choose, the way you present yourself in the workplace matters.  For any women interested in C-level leadership or just some of the considerations and the mindset required, this is a great read and can help transform your career!

The New Psycho-Cybernetics

This book was very fascinating to me in the sense that it taught me about how visualizing can help in your career and in life in a positive way.  For example, as someone that does public speaking, I find that practice is an important part of the preparation required for a successful delivery.  Before I read this book I only did this by practicing out loud.  After reading this book and after some trial I figured out how to use visualization to prep.  The amazing thing about this is that it applies to all elements of our life.  If we believe it and can visualize it, we can make it happen.

Ask for It

This book is targeted towards career for women looking to navigate their careers and find ways to ask for what they want.  The book calls out that it isn’t always easy for us ladies to ask for a Raise or promotion.  There is some sound advice that I have applied to my career in a good way.  Don’t sit back and wait for someone to notice that you are doing a good job.  Keep track of your successes and be prepared to ask for what you want in your career or you could be waiting forever.  I have made this mistake in the past, and I won’t do it again.  This book will help transform your career.

The Myth of the Nice Girl

This book is hands down one of my favorite books and focuses on career for women, but I have also recommended this book to men as well. It helps them understand where we are coming from and provides solid career advice. As a woman with a career in tech this is the advice, I wish I would have had in my 20s to help transform my career. Some I learned the hard way and some I never learned until I read this book. I also had the honor of meeting the author and hearing here speak at the Women’s Watermark conference in San Jose at the beginning of 2020. This book is one for everyone, I even purchased it for my daughter.

Concluding Thoughts

No matter what point in your career you are in or who you are, taking the time to read and learn and grow as a person is so important. Wishing you the best and happy reading.  Even though many of these books are career for women, I have shared this list with many men and they also shared they were useful to them. Enjoy!