The time we are in has led many people towards working from home.  While we have had the technology to do this for many many years now the COVID-19 Coronavirus has caused a monumental shift to forcing business functions out of the office and to the home.  Not only are business workforce’s at home during this time, so are their families.  It’s not all quiet time at home.  As a remote worker for many years here are my top 5 tips for working from home.

Tip 1)  Get up a little bit earlier, stay off the computer screen, and get moving

When we work from home there is not any kind of requirement to actually go anywhere which can have implications on long-term health if activity isn’t built into your day.  My first tip is to get up just a little bit earlier, have your coffee, tea or smoothie, and exercise.  While the house is still quiet, it’s important to take some time for yourself and this should not involve a computer screen or phone screen.  Over the years I have learned to take care of long-term health, even prevent burnout it’s important to workout.  I personally have an elliptical at home, but on days when that isn’t exciting I will go for a run or walk and I even enjoy the LeSweat workouts (no equipment needed) as an option too.

Tip 2)  Have a separate place to work

Find a space in your home that allows you to have focus and space.  This will ensure the best focus and fewer distractions as you navigate your workday.

Tip 3)  Stop and Go sign

It’s important to have something on the door outside the space you are choosing to work in.  This way it’s clear if you are able to have a conversation within your household or not.  We have those types of indicators through our communications platforms for work, and the same should be true for your work space at home.  I recently saw a tip regarding creating a stop sign and a go sign for outside your space.  It’s simple and to the point and is understood by everyone of all ages.

Tip 4)  Get up and stretch

Sitting non-stop all day can cause health issues as well.  I have personally been guilty of this, but have learned the hard way that this is necessary especially when working from home.  Get up, stretch, go for a short walk, get the mail, grab lunch or a snack.  Anything to make sure you get moving a little bit more.

Tip 5) Stop working

When there isn’t a commute and you are home already it can be easy to get caught up in work, look at the clock and the next thing you know it’s 9 o’clock at night.  Set boundaries for yourself here, choose a reasonable end time, and stick to it.  At the end of the day it should be time to get up and get moving again.

Parting Thoughts

Working from home is not always easy, but with the right mindset these top 5 tips will help you maintain balance for work, life and family.  Stay safe out there and if you have any of your own tips it would be fantastic is you could add them to the post comments.  We all need to support each other during these tough times.