VDI workstation virtualization is a common approach for corporate desktop and application access, and it allows IT to centralize information in the corporate datacenter.  These approaches allow for some key business benefits, with the biggest being mobility. Users can work from anywhere and at anytime, allowing for a great amount of flexibility of work teams.  There are of course many other reasons to commit to a VDI strategy or workstations in the cloud, and if you are interested in learning more we covered it here.

Now let’s add a twist to this conversation, one in which we consider what it means to deploy VDI in the cloud.

Why Workstations in the Cloud?

In order to get workstations in the cloud, your organization would need to first justify moving to the cloud.  Moving data to the cloud is an organizational decision that often involves many people, including your security team.  To help simplify some of this, here are some of the primary strategic and technical reasons that organizations move some or many of their workloads to the cloud.  To keep reading about end-user computing considerations in the cloud, and then dive into the key considerations for decision making around Citrix Cloud and Horizon Cloud you will want to

keep reading here.