This morning we all work up to a mild earthquake to get the day started before the event today.  Thankfully just a mild rumble that quickly passed.  The energy at Citrix Synergy 2018 brings promise of a great event, and some new products to look forward to.  At the keynote there were many things uncovered, of which I will uncover some of my favorites here.

Setting the Stage regarding Enterprise Changes

David Henshall, CEO of Citrix started out the event and took the time to evaluate the business changes and IT consumption expectations of enterprise users today.  It quickly became clear when he shared that most enterprise employees work in an average of 4 different places each day.  From their homes in the morning, in the car on the commute to work, at the office and more.  Also commenting that millennial’s are now the largest portion of the workforce today.  They were born with technology, have grown up mobile, and believe that technology should just work.  He also highlighted that this year we may generate more data that we have is all of time.  So times are changing.  So what do we do to adapt?

New approach to thinking in 2018

Citrix will soon be offering Citrix Workspace to enable mobility in a way that is necessary for businesses to adapt to all the changes we are seeing in the workforce today.  The goal being that you can and should be wherever you are.  Citrix workspace app announced with a goal of allowing everything people need to be productive in one experience.  Unified access to all apps/files, built-in SaaS integrations, and universal search.  With applications in your workspace customized for your own user experience.  Also interesting is that you can integrate wtih shared folders, personal folders, OneDrive, and more.

Citrix and Google Cloud

Mulitcloud is here to stay and we will continue to have choices.  Announcing Autoscale for Google Cloud which allows for dynamic usage tracking, demand-based allocation of resources.  They also discussed that the value of Google Cloud is the options they offer for OpenSource, reliable/secure, and takes advantage of artificial Intelligence and Insights that Google offers.

Other News

There were many other important announcements including that Windows Server 2019 will be supported day 1 of it’s release, and that they are also planning to work with the new Microsoft offering called RDMI.  Citrix Analytics, and Citrix Cloud App Control are also standouts.  I would encourage you to check out the Citrix website for the announcements I mentioned for greater detail, and some of the others I didn’t mention that I suspect could be of value to you. As the future unfolds we will learn more about the ins and outs of these technologies.  There will be a lot of new things investigate and most will become available in the next 90 days.

Citrix Synergy 2018 Sessions to Attend

Before you move on into the conference this week you will notice that there are alot of great sessions to attend this year, but if you are undecided on what you want to check out here are some of my recommendations.

SYN135 – The GDPR is coming:  how can Citrix help you prepare.

SYN108 – Journey through Citrix Cloud Services: top use cases

The Keynote with Condoleezza Rice

SYN105 – Deploying Citrix Workloads on different clouds:  CTP best practices for a successful deployment

SYN211 – The naked truth:  CTPs investigate Citrix Cloud performance

SYN223 – Cool things you didn’t know were possible with Netscaler

SYN127 – Everything you need to know about Windows 10 and Citrix

Have a great event!