VMworld 2017 is just about to get into full swing. For all of your VMware fans out there, get ready for a week of fantastic announcements from the virtualization giant. Let’s take a look at what we can expect at VMworld 2017

The Keynotes

The first clue on what to expect at VMworld 2017 can be found right on the VMworld website.  They three keynote addresses will each cover the following topics.

  • Monday – Good Technologists Solve Problems. Great Innovators Create Opportunities.
  • Tuesday – Technology Innovation is What Keeps Companies Competitive
  • Thursday – It’s All Natural

Monday and Tuesday are very focused on innovation, which is critical in the IT industry right now. With shrinking budgets and more players entering the arenas, vendors need to be able to differentiate themselves and do something their competitors cannot.

Monday’s agenda specifically calls out DevOps and automation, two of today’s biggest trends. I would expect product updates from VMware to help them drive adoption in these two areas.

Tuesday’s agenda focus’s on today’s trend of doing everything faster, cheaper, and better than ever before, and will feature special guest Michael Dell in addition to VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

When I looked at the topic for Thursday’s agenda my mind immediately jumped to machine learning, which is another very hot technology in today’s world. We will be hearing from innovators from MIT, University of Cambridge, and Boston Children’s Hospital about the world of natural machines.  I am looking forward to hearing about how VMware has enabled their specific use cases.

The Sessions

Next on what to expect at VMworld 2017 is of course the conference sessions. You can find information in the VMworld US Content Catalog.

The content is divided into the following tracks this year:

  • Application Transformation
  • Emerging Technologies and Trends
  • Empower the Digital Workspace
  • Integrate Public Clouds
  • Leading Digital Transformation
  • Modernize the Data Center
  • Partner Exchange
  • Transform Security

As you can see, these topics tie in nicely to the keynote topics. The content catalog is also sortable based on Market Segment, Session Audience, Product and Topics, and Technical Level. It is interesting to note the Technical Level options are Intermediate, Introductory, Advanced, and Business Focus. There is a session for everyone at VMworld 2017, no matter your current role or technical level.

For many, the sessions are the major draw to VMworld.  The sessions are presented by subject matter experts across the areas, VMware employees who who have played a big part in the creation of the technologies, as well as other experts.

The Expo

We all know to expect the sponsor expo hall at VMworld 2017. On a lighter note, the battle for the best swag is about to begin. I am predicting a surge in fidget spinners this year, as well as Amazon Echo giveaways. If you want to plan your swag run before hand, be sure to take a look at the sponsor list. While we all go to the expo hall for the swag, remember that many vendors will have highly skilled architects and engineers just waiting to talk to you in their booths. Take a look at the sponsor list so you can ensure you plan time to visit the booths you find interesting.

Finally, before you go, make sure you take a look at the official agenda, so you can know exactly what to expect at VMworld 2017! Here you can find the keynote times, expo times, and other schedules such as available certification testing hours (don’t forget, they are all half price) and meal times. Make sure to stop at the VM village to mingle with your fellow virtualization fans and take a break to just relax for a while.

We at 24×7 IT Connection are looking forward to seeing you there!