This year Citrix Synergy from the keynotes to the exhibit hall floor there was a general excitement about the commitment to the the continual commitment toward the development of the cloud.  Assuming that the direction involves continual development within the on-premises product stack then these are forward thinking innovative changes.  Citrix virtualization continues to evolve, and change in a way that we can look forward to as their cloud options evolve and mature.

This year I also had the honor of speaking at Citrix Synergy with Ruben Spruijt (@rspruijt), Steve Greenberg (@stevegreenberg), and Aaron Parker (@stealthpuppy).   We covered strategy and planning for this this new era of cloud as it relates to Citrix technologies.  Our session title:  The Fantastic 4: Citrix Virtualization MUST-KNOW Dos & Don’ts

We dive into the details on the following topics that you will need for both business-level and technical planning, we will answer these questions:

  • Should my organization be deploying on-premises or in the cloud? This topic is at the forefront of most organizational strategy conversations today. Get the latest information here to ensure your approach is solidified and timed accordingly.
  • Learn how built-in options, third-party tools, and the use of consultants will impact the outcome of your virtualization project.
  • Last, but perhaps the most important step, is to understand your business user needs and expectations. This will ensure deployment success.

Join us to discover these important tips and lessons learned.  Learn from our trials and tribulations, and apply them to your deployment for virtualization success.

I hope you enjoy the presentation as much as we enjoyed giving it.  Cheers!

Please also feel free to share your constructive feedback,  insights, and ask us questions if you were not able to attend through the comments on this post.