We are now embarking on a new IT journey, one where we need to be seriously questioning our digital approaches to the business.  We call this digital transformation!  I am honored an excited to be discussing this topic at Interop in Las Vegas with Gina Rosenthal, Phoummala Schmitt, and Leah Schoeb.

How do you move to new technology and new IT management methodologies when you are still responsible from technology last decade? How much of the coverage on cloud technology and DevOps is real, and what is hype? Join our panel of experienced (70 years!) IT experts for real-world for real talk on infrastructure transformation and learn:
Here is a rundown of the topic highlights you can expect.

Devops – is it real?  Listen in and join the discussion around what dev ops is, and why organizations need to rethink how business operations fits into development

What is all this cloud talk? As hardware and software become end of life, what is your plan for what is next?  Does it make sense to keep your corporate information in the cloud?  Lean IT, monitoring, backups, ownership/responsibility and more.

Blah Blah Blah, Cloud One of the other challenges we are faced with from a cloud perspective is how to filter out the banter, and focus on what you need to know.  How to filter out the cool-aid and geDigital Transformationt the real facts.

IT doesn’t pay for SAAS services, so we don’t need to support them, right? Defining who is responsible for what up front can prevent real issues down the road.  This is relevant from the vendor to the consumer, but also within the organization you work for.  Don’t work in silos.

Cloud services – how to evaluate them? Every provider is selling a solution that will solve all your problems.  Knowing what questions to ask, and what to think about in advance will save you lots of headaches in the long run.  Get the scoop here.

This is a presentation you won’t want to miss.  Interop, Vegas!



Theresa Miller (24×7 IT Connection, LLC), Gina Rosenthal (VMware), Phoummala Schmitt (Team Lead), Leah Schoeb (Turbonomic)

Format: Conference Session

Conference Journeys: IT Manager/Director, IT Operations

Track: Infrastructure

Pass Type: All Access, Conference, Thursday Conference