Are you getting ready to on-board a new team member that will be front and center with your customers?  Did you realize that your call center quality can make or break the reputation of your business just because the people that answer the phones represent your organizations voice?

What to do when thinking about Call Center Quality

How your team handles customers is imperative to the success of your business, and the industry you serve doesn’t matter.  Within any organization if you work in Information Technology, the business is your customer.  All that being said, it is vital to ensure outcomes based performance, and call center quality.  Also keep in mind that improving service quality can have significant return on investment for your organization.

IT Industry Shift

Real World Situations

Think about what makes you feel good about support when I call an company for assistance?  I think of an experience recently where I called to get an iPad case replacement from a 3rd party company.  First, they listened to me.  Then the person on the phone was able to help.  It was clear to me they were empowered to make quality support choices.  Monitor and review these calls to ensure quality support.  Apply these concepts to any support situation you provide for great success.

Call Monitoring

My latest course with Pluralsight ensures that you know everything you need to know about successful call monitoring in order to leverage continual process improvement, and overall success.  In this course, you will learn the basics of call monitoring.  This will ensure you can provide maximum quality assurance.

The Modules

Using Call Monitoring to Measure Quality