Today Citrix Synergy attendees started off the conference with a keynote by new CEO Kirill Tatarinov. The keynote was structured around the message that “Citrix is Back”, and planning to be a big part of technology in the future of organizations.

The message of a strong cloud strategy was made very clear during the session. It was also indicated that 90% of companies are moving at least some of their workflows to the cloud , a large number of organization are leveraging big data, and organizations are moving forward heavily with support for mobile devices within their organizations.

Also stated was that “Our strategy is to build the world’s best integrated technology services for secure delivery of apps and data – anytime, anywhere”, which reiterates the Citrix message we have known for years.

It was also officially announced today is that Citrix cloud platforms will be run on Microsoft Azure. More specifically they would be:
• Aligning Microsoft EMS and Intune and Xenmobile and Netscaler
• Integrating Identity and Networking between Netscaler and Azure
• Enabling XenDesktop VDI to deliver Windows 10 desktop-as-a-service from the Cloud on Azure

At conclusion of the keynote there was a general feel of a revived commitment to Citrix technology. One that made it clear the Citrix plans move forward as a continued leader in the virtualization space.