Throughout the year there are events for industry professionals around the world where a very small group of people (delegates) are invited to learn more about specialized products through vendor interaction and presentations.  This is event is called Tech Field Day and delegates are invited to listen and provide what becomes invaluable feedback to these companies.  This is a great way to learn about these technologies, and this knowledge transcends into a unique learning opportunity.  This one discussed below is virtualization Tech Field Day!

Virtualization Tech Field Day is also more than learning about the next best product or latest technology update.  It is about networking and sharing ideas with everyone there.  Learning how other companies are using technology, strategies, and how to think differently about my own business and workplace is invaluable.

I am exited to join the following list of amazing delegates for the event in Austin, TX this week for Virtualization Tech Field Day.

  1. Arjan Timmerman
  2. Chris Evans
  3. Enrico Signoretti
  4. Joep Piscaer
  5. Josh Luedeman
  6. Justin Warren
  7. Karen Lopez
  8. Larry Smith
  9. Matthew Leib
  10. Nigel Poulton
  11. Ray Lucchesi
  12. Theresa Miller

That being said we do have an exciting agenda next week which can be found here, and the vendor presentations will also be presented live stream and can be viewed here in real-time!

Looking forward to a great event!