Earlier this week the VMware vExpert second Half Announcements were made, and I am honored to share that I was among the list of talented professionals selected to be part of this great group.


Also, both Phoummala Schmitt and Melissa Palmer have been vExperts for some time.  The three of us not only all write for my blog www.24x7itconnection.com, but we also are partners in crime  as co-hosts on our podcast Current Status.  So, I am very excited to join them both as a VMware vExpert.  Also, earlier this year I was also welcomed into the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) family, and I am very humbled to be welcomed as part of both teams.  Virtualization platforms have become such a relevant aspect of IT functionality today.  It’s a virtual world!

The IT Community is invaluable to IT Professionals around the world, and to be honest, it was all the amazing people in these communities that I learned so much from over the past 19 years of my career.  So it is a huge honor to be able to now become a member of these communities!

I would also like to extend a congratulations to all of the existing and new vExperts in the program!

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