If you haven’t attended E2E Virtualization Conference yet, you really need to find the opportunity to do so. The venue is typically laid back and it’s all about information sharing amongst friends. The group gets together sharing presentations, ideas and engages in some great networking. I was honored to be part of the group that gathered in Orlando following Citrix Synergy this spring. Click on the image below to view a sample of the great lineup and the topics covered at this event in the US.



This conference also travels the world, so if you missed the United States event you could travel to Berlin, Lisbon, Hong Kong and more. Every year it’s slightly different, so keep an eye on the website for future events and their agendas


So, now getting to the why this post was called your “Organizational Security Probably Sucks”. I was honored to present at E2E in Orlando this year and spoke about the fact that organizational security breaches on the rise. So much that we have reached a point where they are becoming more and more inevitable.  We covered the thought process shift required to make sure that your organization is protected from the infrastructure to the business. The topic also really interests me and the message became one that I felt was invaluable to share. Our business thought process surrounding security needs to change.  Learn more below as I share part of a write-up from The Register on this topic.

Regardless of the type or size of business you’re part of, the way we approach security has changed forever.

Gone are the days that a business can feel safe with its security design model. Attacks have become more sophisticated.

Your organization should no longer be thinking about “if” an attack will happen, but be planning for “when”.

The question is therefore, how this changes the scope of our organizational security strategy.

You need to look at the policies, procedures and tools needed to ensure your response is rapid and correct while also covering the steps      that can be taken to start closing security gaps within your organization, and learning why security breaches are inevitable.

Only recently we’ve had two high-profile examples of security attack – Sony and Anthem (the latter is second-largest health insurance provider in the US).

Sony suffered a series of attacks that saw the firm have to take core business systems offline to isolate itself from outside intrusion, although not before Sony suffered an embarrassing loss of data. Unreleased films and confidential emails were leaked to the web, and employee data stolen.

Anthem saw 88.8 million private medical records pilfered from its servers while it’s emerged the firm turned down an offer from the US government to audit its computer security.

In both cases, the best response firms could offer employees and customers was free identity protection services as a follow up. Continue reading –>  here.

I have also included my slides from the E2E presentation I did on this topic and a YouTube link to the live recording.

So, if you are looking for a great conference with great networking find E2E, and when it comes to organizational security it’s time to rethink your strategy if you haven’t done so already.  It’s no longer if your data will be breached, its when!