Over the past few years Atlantis has been working tirelessly to take the concept of flash technology within a converged infrastructure platform and turn it into something scalable, flexible, with excellent performance for their customers.  Additionally this is a company that listens to its customers and has delivered a platform that is flexible, allowing you to use the hypervisor of your choice including XenServer or VMWare.  The hardware vendor options include Cisco, HP Lenovo and SuperMicro.

“Atlantis has been proven at scale with some of the largest SHVD [VDI] deployments in the industry.”  Gartner Inc.


Atlantis HyperScale
Atlantis is now offering a new turnkey based platform that allows customer to be up and running fast. It’s called the Atlantis HyperScale. I am intrigued to learn more about this product and wanted to share with you some of the first glance highlights that make this product worth checking out. As I mentioned the Atlantis HyperScale is a turnkey-based product that Atlantis can get up and running with you very quickly. The following chart highlights what and how this product works.
• From the automation perspective this product will integrate your server and desktop deployment to work with vCenter, VCAC, VVOL’s, OpenStack, CloudStack and IBM Smart Cloud.
• Simplified storage configuration through Policy-based management
• Take advantage of Data Reduction, IO Acceleration, Data Management, Data Mobility, Protection and Unified Storage
• Available in a 12 TB or 24 TB configuration


Highly Redundant, Super-Fast and Scalable

This product is designed to offer highly redundant storage that pools and scales flash.  The largest difference here between Atlantis and Nutanix is that deduplication within the Atlantis platform is done in memory/RAM.  The inline deduplication occurs before the data is replicated across the network.  This not only helps reduce capacity requirements it decreases latency.

This particular model of Atlantis infrastructure is also quite scalable, but because this is a turnkey appliance once it is implemented the best way to scale is to add nodes.  That’s not to say your original configuration cannot vary, the product is customizable, but once you have made your design decisions the recommendation is to add nodes and not to manipulate the existing configuration.


Affordable Cost with Support

All of the Atlantis Hyperscale models are priced very affordably.  Depending on the hardware your organization chooses the cost savings will vary, but for this example let’s look at HP.  In this case when looking at the cost of Nutanix and Atlantis your savings by going with Atlantis are very significant.  Your organization is looking at a 59-84% cost savings by going with Atlantis.  Additionally, all of the turnkey options come with 3 years of 24×7 support, 365 days a year of technical support with a guaranteed 4 hour parts response.


Worth Checking Out?
Absolutely! This product has the potential to outperform Nutanix on so many levels. Atlantis has also won awards at both Citrix Synergy and VMworld for their outstanding product platforms. For additional information about this product offering visit their website at http://www.atlantiscomputing.com/