This morning the 2015 Citrix Technology Professional (CTPs) were announced. I am honored to share that I was selected to be part of this amazing group of talented Citrix professionals.

Citrix CTP

At this point in my career, I have been in IT for 19 years. When I look back I almost chose to be an accountant! After one accounting class, I knew that accounting wasn’t my thing, and I started looking for a new major. Thanks to a conversation with one of my friends; I learned about a new business focused IT degree, called Office Systems available at the college I was obtaining my degree from. After trying a few classes, I was hooked and I have been working in IT ever since.

During the first few years of my career I quickly realized that to be in IT I would be continually committed to learning. Anyone in this industry understands constantly keeping your skills up to date is very important. From a job perspective I was an IT trainer, a PC Tech, and then quickly moved into a consulting job that introduced me to both Citrix and Exchange. I have been work with and watching both of these technologies evolve since the late 90’s and it is has been an amazing journey.

In the past few years I also took some time to work on my Master’s Degree in IT Management, and managed to learn a lot about myself through this process. One of the most important things I learned is that I could write something cohesive that actually made some sense, and the other thing I learned is that I enjoy speaking. Over the past few years I have had some amazing opportunities speaking at conferences about Citrix technologies, have done writing for a few IT blogs including my own, and I am currently a co-host for a podcast called Current Status.

So what’s next is yet to be seen, but for today I am both excited and honored to be part of such an amazing group of Citrix CTP’s this year! Let the fun begin!